Harmony render crashing problem

In company i work for we have Harmony 11 and really strong computer stations. Like 16 gb ram, i7, ssd, hardcore graphic cards and stuff like that.

But still everyday our renders crash. Even 1000 frames is a problem for a POWERFULL harmony.

Why Harmony doesnt use all available ram? This is insane.

Do you have any solutions other than “try not to use so many bitmaps”. I dont have other option. I need to use backgrounds in productions.

Also you sell harmony as a great compositing platform. This is bullshit as hell. Try to add any more complex effects, make project impossible to render.

This is actually outrageous. I have many situation, when I had to render project in parts and then composit it in an after effects.

Toon Boom, please defend your honor and give me some reasonable explenation and solution.

Btw. I work on TB for few years and I always thought that render problems might be caused by low version (animate 2, animate 2 pro, then harmony 10) or weak computer. But no. Now Ive got best Harmony, best PC, still the same.

I generally render pretty heavy scenes myself with multiple imported PSDs and a array of effects, and I have only occasionally had a few render crashes. most of the time i attributed this to the codec being flakey.

i do agree that a 64-bit version of harmony would be nice to take advantage of higher amounts of RAM.

oops, there IS a version of 64-bit harmony. I was incorrect!

You should have a look in the Stage Preferences; on the “Render” tab there is the possibility of increasing the cache size which may help. The default is only 500MB and your system can afford to use more.