Harmony Rain particle test


Quick test I did of building sleeting type rain from scratch.

I will also be posting a tutorial on this for anyone that is interested :slight_smile:

Nice! Looking forward to the tutorial!

so basically you guys all have got Harmony now? :open_mouth:

Well, Amin, at least James and I do. Looks like Adam Phillips has it. I found this link on one of his sites. Playing around with the dynamic brush tool. http://justin.tv/chluaid/b/296404949

Don’t worry I will still be doing Animate tutorials :slight_smile: Tons of of my tutorials have cross over and can be done in any of the 3 different packages.

Here are the links for the tutorial

Intoduction to particles (general intro)
Creating rain in harmony parts 1 and 2

Note: the rain in the tutorial is a little different to the sample(i created that as practice for the tutorial), but better in my opinion. I added some slight rotation so the rain is all coming down at the same perfect angle and some blur at the end (which in hindsight probably isn’t need, it looks like you need it when you look one frame at a time, but when you render out looks fine)

Let me know if it made sense and I explained the parts okay. I didn’t want to labour on what every part did, but I wanted to at least mention things you can do.