Harmony Qstn: Does Gradient have a lock fill.. and other ?s

Does Harmony have a paint bucket that retains an eyedropped-gradient’s deformation data?

Also, when using the Pencil Tool to draw, it often leaves a whole bunch of stray strokes. Sometimes, once an enclosed area is filled and I attempt to edit the lines using the Contour Editor, it will often grab the fill and leave the line when I’d like it to grab both.

Most art I create is riddled with unpainted strokes making editing a line or object, and painting the revision very time consuming. A solution to this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for letting me know about the stored gradient option. That’ll be useful. Perhaps we’ll be able to limit it to just being a 1-step paint bucket feature in the future without the need to select. :DRegarding stray strokes: Think of a box that was drawn with lines. Every point of the box has intentionally overextended lines. (so it looks like a tictactoe board) When deleting these over extended lines, where they connect at the box leaves a very apparent break in the line rather than continuing the line around the box.Because of this, the artists that work on shots that are learning the program will grab the overextended line and try to place it or erase it as close as possible to the corners of the box to avoid the break. This typically leaves a large mess of lines and anchor points as they patch up the artwork. Regarding Unpainted Strokes:This is all digital art with no scanning. I suspect the extra strokes are from the use of Auto Close Gap. After editing, it would often leave many strokes laying around in inconvenient places. Found that ‘Remove Contour Shapes’ is extremely useful with cleaning up that problem. What you mention about cutting out the fill to fix line art is a decent quickfix to minimize the the occurrence of screwed. Thanks for the help, Lilly.

If you select a gradient with the select tool, then there’s an option in the Tool Properties to Save Colour Gradient. Then, in the Paint Bucket, if you check the option Use Stored Gradient then it will make use of that saved gradient matrix for painting.

Regarding using the pencil tool, what do you mean exactly by stray strokes?

About the fills, when you fill something, the fill will not always have the same contour points as the line, so when you move the line the fill will not exactly match. I think it’s best to simply temporarily delete the fill, move the line, and fill it in again.

I’m not sure how you’re getting all these unpainted strokes. Are you scanning in drawings? Sometimes hair can be created from dust. There are options to clean up hair and dirt. Or are you using the pencil tool with a width of 0? Or the stroke tool?


Are you working with Pencil lines? This is more likely to result in the problem that you describe where you see breaks in the line when you cut them. If that is the case, then you can select the lines with your select tool, and in the Tool Properties window, you can Merge Pencil Lines. This will remove any breaks in the line.

Alternatively, you can also select the lines and set the ends to have round ends, and you will also no longer see the break, but I recommend merging the lines when possible.