Harmony Premium very slow with node view open

Hi ,

Having issues with lagging interface, particularly when scrubbing through the timeline back and forth. - version Harmony 20

With one rig in a scene, I don’t believe its that complex compared to some production stuff I’ve seen, scrubbing through the timeline gets very unresponsive often. The program lags and I have to wait a few seconds before it allows me to continue working.

It was proving to be very frustrating, but I noticed if I grouped my rig and collapsed it in the node view, everything becomes responsive again…which is annoying when I want to be able to use the node for selections when animating.

Is this normal??

I have scene antialiasing turned off, I have all thumbnail previews in timeline and node view turned off, increased cache limit.

Any ideas, or tips to speed things up. It’s almost unworkable.

I have a new, fast PC
Windows 10, 64 GB RAM, Ryzen 3950x, GTX 1080ti (latest studio drivers)