Harmony Premium license for one Workstation and one tablet?

Hi Animators,

I am a Graphic Designer, (soon Animator)
I do freelance job and want Toon Boom to be part of it with Harmony Premium and Storyboard Pro 5

My quick question:
I have one workstation at home with a Cintiq and I have one Microsoft Surface PRO 4,
I read about activate-deactivate license system.

Situation No.1:
I can animate at home in my workstation, sync to Dropbox, get my tablet and continue my animations at work/coffee-shop/client office or in any place.
then come back home turn my workstation ON, and continue with the file that I am working on…

Situation No. 2:
I am in a hurry, wake up, I get my tablet and go out,
if I forget to “deactivate and activate” my license, I will have so many hours lost,
just because this little detail. or I have to drive back home just to do this “deactivate-activate” thing…that is not nice.

Is there a future plan for Toon Boom Team, to fix this and allow us to activate 2 computers, one workstation and one mobile?
and of course just use one at the time? all software that I have, allows me to install in my workstation and my surface.

Hope this information gets to the TB team and developers,

Most individuals are not even going to consider it but the remedy available for this situation is to acquire two licenses.

The question to ask is whether the standard license will ever include permission to activate the software on more than a single system at the same time.

I have not seen it even during the most active periods of forum participation by TB staff so I doubt Toon Boom will respond with any revelations regarding plans for future development.

Maybe they are gearing up for the coming release of Harmony 13 but this place has not had much staff activity of late.

Well, if you work on a database environment, that works ‘live’, that is, you might have an infinite number of stations with Harmony installed but only a few license seats, and any time you connect the License Server checks if you didn’t reach your limit. If you’re using the total number of licenses you can just close the software on one station an open it on the other. That could work similarly with freelance licenses, but I suppose it would mean you’d have to connect to the Internet every time you’d open the software. I think Toon Boom might implement such a thing if many people ask for it. They probably assume that most people don’t need to activate/deactivate licenses on a daily basis.

Luis Canau

A solution also could be that you deactivate your license every time when you stop working.
That way you could reactivate it from wherever you are when you decide to continue.

I juggle one license between my desktop and my Surface Pro and it’s pretty nice. Not ideal, but deactivating and reactivating a license just takes seconds. What I am now having problems with is syncing my files with Dropbox. For some reason Dropbox does not want to sync those .xstage files. It used to work fine with Animate Pro files, but since the upgrade, I need my silly little USB memory stick all the time.

Situation No. 3 :

If for any reason there is not internet, (technical problems or reparations by the Internet provider) and I need the activation ON for my Surface to go to a client’s office… I can be in trouble…

:slight_smile: for Harmony Premium, is needed to Have tablet and workstation activated, specially now, with the rise of Microsoft Surface and Cintiq companion.

I think paying $2,000 dollars for another premium license is not nice :slight_smile:

Hmm, but in any case you would need to somehow communicate to the Toon Boom server that you stopped using one computer and started using the other. Even if the process wouldn’t require returning and activating the license, but simply closing and opening the software. How would you want that to happen? Of course, it would be nice to simply have a license to work on more than one computer, but that could end up being just having more than one license for the same price :slight_smile:

Maybe a special pricing for a second and a third license purchased by the same individual could be put into practice.

Luis Canau

yes lcanau!

Exactly what I am thinking !

-You activate Harmony (and Storyboard pro of course) on your workstation and your Surface or Laptop, (2 activations)

-When you are using one of them, the software automatically connect to internet to check your license,

-When you close the software its de-activate automatically, when you take your surface on the go, check online that you are not using the 2 at the same time.

This is an example, I have a software that allows me only 2 activations, when I added my surface shows me this:

now I need to log in online, deactivate my old laptop, and activate the Surface with this software, 1 workstation, 1 laptop/tablet allowed.

in the software support page:

How Many Activations?
Each license number comes with 2 activations. This will activate on both Mac and Windows. The one license number will work on both machines.


That is a confusing entry in the Knowledge Base. It makes a distinction between “home user products” and “professional user products” however the list of products this applies to lumps everything together. While it is easy to spot some home user products I would think Animate, Animate Pro, Harmony and Storyboard Pro are the products with a single license.


Can I use Toon Boom product on many computers at the same time?

It depends on the product. Home User products have 2 activations available with one licence key, while Professional products only have one.

In the case of our Professional products, if you need to run the software on a different computer, you must de-activate the license on the current computer and then install the software and reactivate the license on the new computer.

Publish date: August 30, 2012

Category: Activation

Operating system:

Windows (all)
Mac OS X (all)


<i>Animate (all)</i>
<i>Animate Pro (all)</i>
<i>Comic Boom (all)</i>

Flip Boom
Flip Boom All-Star (all)
Garfield’s Comic Boom (all)
Harmony (all)
Storyboard (all)
Storyboard Pro (all)
Storyboard Pro 3D
Studio (all)

yep, unfortunately you just have to be disciplined enough to remember to swap that license betwixt machines before you head out. i make certain to leave myself a note in such situations. you can look into vpn or other remote control situations where you can control your computer away from home, if you often forget like this.

i haven’t considered a floating/team license for harmony, so i don’t know how it is managed (i have a perpetual lic.), but i do the floating license with TheFoundry Modo/Mari (no cost difference compared to “node-locked” license type, either, nice!). i was originally using a mac mini as the modo lic. server, but i then bought a tiny little dirt-cheap thumbstick pc from amazon that runs windows and i use that as my little optionally-headless, wireless cross-platform license server. this allows me to take the license server with me, literally in my pocket if i wish, and then launch the software on any machine in which the foundry applications are installed.

i personally like the standard harmony licensing system, it works for me, but i can certainly see getting stuck if i forgot to swap it and needed to do remote work. it could be improved, better web management options or something. very tricky to arrive at an anti-piracy model that makes everyone happy, and doesn’t seem to punish legit customers. i still use a bunch of audio plugins and stuff that require an ilok dongle to be physically connected – some theoretical portability benefits (similar to the portable modo lic. server), and the management tools are decent enough, but i still don’t like this solution.

yep, the only way for now is activate and de-activate…

People, I am dumbfounded by the way toon boom treats it’s professional users. I just switched from toon boom studio to harmony (their 'flag ship for crying out loud) and suddenly I need to jump through licensing hoops to be able to use my software license on two machines alternately. I am very disappointed. Who else feels like this?

personally id be all for a more online deactivation approach with password security and perhaps email confirmation instead of trying to always remember to manually deactivate the license on current active pc

I totally feel your pain, this license situation is just a horrible mess. I also work with audio, and Ableton Live (a pro, 1000€+ program) DOES allow you to activate the same license on two machines, provided only one of them is working. Clip Studio doesn’t have a limit to the number of computers you install your app on, just like Paintstorm. The list goes on and on…

I really feel like this penalizes the small professional user in favour of setting limits for big studios or cheapskates that will find a way to pirate the software anyway, and together with other nagging issues, makes me have a love/ hate relationship with this like I have with no other professional program. Hell, I even tried OpenToonz as an option! :stuck_out_tongue:

It is easy to forget to return a license. Instead of starting with the computer you want to disable it is more practical to work from the computer you want to use. You would not need to remember to return a license or if one computer crashed you could just move to another and do the return/activate.

I don’t know how this works under the hood so I am just imagining a way this could be improved.

If each computer has a unique identifier you ought to be able to return a license by reporting the identifier to be disabled.

So you might log onto TB.com and report the computer to be disabled from the computer you want to activate then report the computer you want to activate.

Seems like a simple way to handle it.

Good afternoon,

Thank you very much for your feedback. It is always important to us to understand our users workflow.
I will pass on your feedback to our Product Manager and RND team.

Thank you,


Thanks Marie-Eve. It’s nice to hear from the team on these boards.

Any update on this situation in the last two months? :slight_smile:


Very dissapointed with activate/deactivate hassle.
Costs tons of money and I cant use it on 2 computers at the same time, mind boggling…

I wanted to introduce my kids to animation in harmony, but thanks to this, I wont bother installing it on my secondary machine…every software I use has no problem installing and using on 2 machines at the same time.

Hopefully toon boom fixes this headache asap.

Hi Miguel,

I don’t have any updates at this point, but we’re taking your feedback into consideration.

Thank you again!