Harmony Premium Library not showing up in my library

I’m trying to put a 2D rig into the library and am following instructions from my tutor (im currently attending university)
However the harmony premium library doesn’t show up for me? which is where I’d need to put my rig into https://i.imgur.com/dHZJXDf.png instead only shows shapes and 3D models
Any solution to this?
I’m using a windows computer if thats of any consolation and I have had many problems with harmony in the past. Is it because my file is saved elsewhere?
Any help would be greatly appreciated! im still very new to toon boom

UPDATE: I reinstalled the program to no avil. Upon research it says there’s meant to be a default library folder in my documents, however i can’t find it anywhere on my computer.

Ugh, the fact that there is no reply here from Toon Boom and it was written a year ago is disappointing. I am having the same problem, but I do have a toon boom library folder in my Documents. there is just no way that it will open inside the program. there is just no list of folders in the program. ? stuck :frowning: And they didn’t respond to my message that I left on their answering machine with my email and phone #. Did you find a solution?