Harmony Premium Freezes upon opening


I just installed Harmony Premium yesterday and I have been having trouble running it.

It runs smoothly up until I click the ‘open scene’ OR ‘Create new scene’ buttons. Once I get out of that window and the stage loads, the program freezes. I can even see all the frames I’ve previously made if i open a file, but the stage is empty and the program is frozen.

My computer specs are:

Windows 10 64-bit
Intel Core i5 3.5 ghz
16gb SDRAM
Graphics card: GTX960

I too am having this problem, no one figured this out?

Hey I have the sameproblem here :confused: I tried reinstalling but it still doesn’twork, or it works only the first time I open it, and then even if I ddin’t close it it bugs, my brush doesn’t draw anymore and then if I close the program it freezes again.

Please, someone! HELP!