Harmony Premium crashes

Hello everyone, my name is William I got a question. I have Harmony Premium for over a week and it started crashing yesterday. Everytime I make a drawing or touch a button the screen freezes and nothing happens for 2 minutes then the screen goes white and returns normal and whatever i did magically occurs. This progress happens everytime I attempt to animate and takes ten minutes to resolve. How can I fix this? I think its a software issue because my computer is working fine on adobe products. Thank you for reading!

Please try re-installing the graphic card driver.
If that doesn’t help to resolve the problem contact
support to help you investigate the cause.

how do i do that?


Can you please confirm your Graphics Card?

The crash could be due to incorrect profile for Harmony, please see https://drive.google.com/file/d/142hcjJN4iHkrRn6J-r6KhEpCpz25XEeo/view?usp=sharing on how to create an independent profile.

Change the video to 1080 HD.

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I am having the same issue. even starting from a fresh file, adding a few blank drawing nodes and trying to save causes a crash. Everything was fine yesterday.

Im on a mac though so not sure how to check video card settings


If re-installing the graphic card driver doesn’t solve the problem,
open the Windows Event Viewer and go to the Applications logs
to find the log for the software crash. It would normally list the
bad library Windows installed (.dll file). Renaming or deleting that
library often fixes the problem.

The reinstallation of the Graphics Driver actually solved the problem, but what a hassle! Is there no easier workaround?

Sadly no, but it may be possible to prevent future problems by
not allowing Windows to update anything related to graphics.
At home I restrict Windows to only Essential Security updates.