Harmony premium 14 crashes any time playback ends

Hello, I’ve been having some consistent fatal errors with harmony starting this evening. They always happen when preview playback is stopped, either from pressing the stop button or the playhead reaching the end of the timeline. It doesn’t always happen, I’ve tried a few different files, one worked fine a few times, then when I made a new document and started working on that it worked without crashing for the first couple times as well, but then it started getting the same error again.
I used the verify files option because I suspected there might’ve been some file corruption causing it, but all the files are OK. Anyway, I have no idea what to do, it was working absolutely fine a few days ago when I was working on the same scene.
I can post the macOS generated error report if that will help, but i’ll need to link to it because for some reason the forum software doesn’t allow .txt files as attachments???

EDIT: .txt error report attached with extension changed to .jpg, changing it back will make it openable


This looks like something Toon Boom Support will need to help you with. They can be reached here: https://store.toonboom.com/contact/support or here: support@toonboom.com

The image of the error message you received is also full of errors and is not viewable.

Can you describe your hardware and OS version?

Graphics card?
Amount of VRAM on the graphics card?
Amount of system RAM?
OS X version?