Harmony Palette Import Issues


I’m working on a project that has dozens of characters and props, and thus hundreds of different palettes. For our workflow we store palettes at the Job level and import them as scene palettes into each scene, making sure to only import the specific palettes needed for each shot. So when beginning a shot for ink and paint, we typically have 5-20 scene palettes imported.

However, as the shots progress through our compositing processes, we often end up with many, many more palettes in the scene (sometimes 100-200 palettes), many of which are useless strike-through palettes from random other scenes. This seems to happen when we copy in elements and assets from various other shots or reference files. For example, when copying in a rain particle system from a matching shot or master file, it seems to come into the scene carrying many extra and often useless palettes.

So I have 2 main questions:

Is there a way to prevent assets from bringing in their palettes / palette histories when importing them into a scene? Ideally, we’d like to make sure that ONLY the scene palettes we’ve specifically imported remain in the palette list.

Is there a way to delete multiple palettes at a time from the colour list? So far, whenever we go in to delete the extra 100+ palettes, we have to do so by selecting each one individually since we cannot Shift select multiples.

Any insight on these matters is much appreciated!


Hi ,

Glad it did help.

I am not sure. I don’t work in a network sollution I only run H on my computer.
But I would guesss it only deletes it from that file.

Better check with TB support if you work in a database enviroment and must know how it works there.

/ Mattias


Have you used the option:
File/Remove Unused files?

It removes the colors palettes not in use in the current project.

Hey Mattias,

Thanks, that’s super helpful! By chance, do you know if this function simply deletes the unused palettes from the scene or does it also delete them from the Job database folder? I would assume it just deletes within the individual scene.



Hey Mattias,

I did a quick test on our database. Looks like it only removes palettes at the scene level and leaves the job level palettes in place, which is great! Thanks for the help in finding this function!


Always glad to be able to help!

Good luck with the work!

/ Mattias