Harmony open but dont appear

Hi, i have a huge problem!
when i open harmony, and select a project (or create a new one) doesn’t open anything (toon boom closes), but in the task manager appear “stage.exe”.

the stage says:
PLUG_Polish help view
MXMX - disable call to TUScriptManager::sceneOpened {} - causing re-entrecy issue - to be investigated

what can i do! help please!

Perhaps if the software is minimized and you save this can happen.

To get out of it again the next time it happens just go into the menu-Windows-Restore Default Workspace. It’s less destructive than removing your software preferences or re-installing.

Or maybe you imported some script from an older version or some script that is overwriting an existing function… In that case, just remove the offending script and save.

Did you install some custom scripts, perhaps from an older version?

nothing, one day works perfect, the next day dont!
but i already resolved it, i’m just done a depth uninstall and reinstall.
i lost all my custom workspace but i can resolve the problem.

i would like to know anyway what can caused the problem.