Harmony on the new Apple M1 chip

The only thing keeping me from buying one of these incredible new Macs with M1 Apple Silicon, is not knowing if Harmony will work on one of them. Has anyone out there had any success?

I am also waiting for the confirmation that if the harmony is working properly in Mac then and only then i am going to buy the new Mac otherwise I am gonna go with some other laptops. Has somebody out here have tried to install it and got success in it.


I’m not sure what you mean, I downloaded the software that’s available for MacOS, which appears to be the only option. I didn’t see any special version for Big Sur. This version boots and seems to run, and when it does (very rarely), it runs fine actually, it’s just that it insta-crashes when selecting a brush. I don’t have any issues with performance or anything. The M1 Chip is more than capable of running the software, it just seems to be compatibility issues. Other comments do seem to be pointing out that the problem may just be Big Sur, and not anything in particular with the M1 Chip. So perhaps an update for that will fix everything.

Did you tried again with a version of the software « Big Sur compatible » ?
Anyway thank you for sharing your experience.

It seems like the problem might actually be with Big Sur and not necessarily the M1 macs. There are other forum posts about intel macs having the same problem after updating.

In its current state I do not recommend purchasing an M1 Mac for the sole purpose of using Toonboom because the app is really unstable. It sometimes works, and sometimes does not. On my M1 MacBook Air, the app crashes upon selecting a brush or pencil. 20% of the time I’d say it works and I can draw, however it’s making it really hard to learn the software, and it’s wasting my free trial.

You and me both, curious. TB has been very quiet on the front of M1 and Big Sur. I’d probably suggest it more than likely won’t work, maybe someone from the TB community/company in the know can help? Or try asking on the Discord server, these forums are a bit of a wasteland but the Discord’s fairly lively. https://discord.gg/toonboom

I installed Harmony on a Mac Mini M1 last night and it seemed to work fine, I didnt try rendering anything thou, I did like using an iPad and apple pencil thou, not a new feature but first time I have got a chance to use it.

I logged in just to say, I’m having the same kind of problems with Big Sur. I have emailed customer support and I’ve spent a day trying to follow Terminal instructions (!), and still can’t open Harmony. I fear for my sanity