Harmony - Not able to add a stroke to text that has been broken apart

I have a font that I’ve added, and then broken apart twice to get just the vector outlines. I’m then trying to add a stroke to those shapes with the Ink Tool, and it’s not letting me. I can’t add the stroke to the font before I break it apart either. I’ve also tried different fonts.
Is this something that’s not possible to do with a converted font? Or am I missing something?

Update: I just realized I can’t do that with any shape that I create that has no stroke. I know there has to be a way. I just feel stupid that I should know this.

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Select the shape, then in the Menu (or right-click menu) select: Drawing/Convert/Strokes to Pencil Lines (Shift + F12)

I could’ve sworn I tried this at least 5 times, or it was greyed out every time, but there it is. It works, even on Broken Apart Text.

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