Harmony nonfunctioning with the Yiynova MSP19u (that other Contiq)

I just became an out-of-house animator and I’m using Harmony. However, I bought one of those Yiynova Cintiq knockoffs a month ago and I’ve had zero complaints until now. Whenever I click on peg on a character rig, nothing appears to happen. If I click and drag, the drawing (not the peg) moves to where I move it to, but then the camera view freezes and I can’t do anything more. I got navigate the menus just fine, open up the network, etc. I can’t even undo the move I just did. Similar things happen if I try to draw. Just one brush stroke and then freeze. It’s like I’m only allow to do one command total, before the camera view freaks out.

Normally, I’d say something’s wrong with Harmony, but then I simply use my mouse and the program works perfectly fine. Fast responsive, undo works, rotating pegs. I can even take control and “unfreeze” whatever I had done with the Yiynova no problem.

The show I’m working on requires a lot of drawing, so I need this yiynova to work. I have a friend using a Mac with one of these on Harmony and it works perfect. I’m running Windows 7 with a top of the line PC, with all the newest drivers and crap. Anyone have ANY ideas? Is there some option in the preferences I missed or am I just out of luck until Toon Boom or Yiynova come to some kind of driver agreement way down the road?

You have posted this in the wrong forum. The Harmony Forum would be a better choice for the next question.

The Yiynova is not a supported tablet for Harmony. Have you tried installing the latest driver for your tablet? Try deleting all tablet drivers and preference files and installing the latest Yiynova tablet driver.