Harmony MultiLayerWrite EXR channels unordered, and other requests

Currently MultilayerWrite nodes export EXRs where the channels in the file are sorted alphabetically.

I’d like to request that the channels in the resulting EXR follow the ordering of the inputs of the node. Meaning, the rightmost input goes first, and so on.

Retaining the order is important for downstream pipeline scripts that utilize that ordering. Alternatively, you could write a field in the metadata that describes the ordering.

I’d also like to add a few other feature request for this node:

  • Eliminate the main “RGBA” channels because it’s a weird mishmash of the inputs (and totally useless)
  • Support EXR 2.0 multilayer EXRs rather than the current EXR 1.0 multichannel EXRs. Should be optional, because some older systems only support EXR 1.0.
  • Write EXRs with “data windows”, this greatly reduces file size and is useful downstream. In EXR 2.0, you can have a different datawindow for each layer. In EXR 1.0 all channels have to share the same datawindow.
  • Support encoding with RLE compression rather than ZIP. It is faster to read and write, and is good for animation with solid colors.

Thank you!