Harmony misplacing drawings


I’ve been using Harmony for a short time, just getting into it now as a Sophomore in animation; but I’ve experienced quite a bug.

When drawing in the program, I’ll look back to find drawings ending up where they shouldn’t, replacing the drawings that were there.
(ex: The final drawing of my film ended up in the first frame)
But whatever I do to this new drawing happens to the original!
(ex: try to erase drawing in first frame, erases drawing in final frame)

This has happened before, and now its happened again to a much larger extent, with more drawings mixing themselves up into places they shouldn’t be!
It’s very frustrating and time-consuming to fix this with new layers and redraw all the frames that were lost. :frowning:

Has anyone else had this issue?
What causes it, and is there any other way to fix it?

before asking, please note:
I do not copy frames straight from the timeline. I copy the drawings themselves.