Harmony looses part of the drawings

Help !

Everytime I quit the program, Harmony looses part of my drawings. Today I’ve lost the whole part of drawings in my water animation layer.

I do not know what causes that, and it’s not because I didn’t save, I spam the saves every 5 minutes or so.

Anyone else had this problem and found how to resolve it ?

Semantics. It may not be carved in stone but the proof is in the performance. There is a ton of information that is not written as a rule in the guides. At some point I culled this from a TB staff post. If anyone wants to they can search for it (there is no longer a search field here) and just keep what has been said in mind.

Normally the reason why this happens is that animators save so many different versions of a project or use “save as” to save to a different location and then lose track of what was done in each version or where they are being stored.

If you’re really stuck, contact support to have a look on your system or simply to help you investigate what may have happened.

In the meantime are you manually saving right before closing the program and if so do you still lose a portion of the project?

Which part is getting lost, do you have an example?
Are there error messages?

Where are you saving to?

If you edit projects from an external drive, USB drive or drive linked to cloud storage you may lose stuff because these types of drives can’t always keep-up with the data being manipulated. It’s best to edit projects from the internal drive.

If you want to use these other types of drives for storage, make sure to zip/compress the project folder before moving it to these drives for archiving.

With Toon Boom software, the work-in-progress files must reside on the same drive/partition as the operating system. It is okay to archive files elsewhere. If you need to open an archive file in the software temporarily move it to the same drive/partition as the operating system.

That’s not really so. You can boot from an external drive but the project can be on the internal drive. This is in fact what I suggested doing.

There is no requirement for project to be on the boot drive. The issue is rather that the internal drive has the best performance and that the O.S. is usually installed on the internal drive.

My files are on the internal drive of my system. I don’t open from my external back up drive. But I’ve checked those files to see if I could find part of the missing drawings and no luck in the newest version, drawings are still missing. So I’ve lost my evening of work it seems :frowning:

Oh and it did it again the other day, I reopened my file (didn’t even do a new save) and now, the water animation is gone, and the eyebrows.

I don’t know why it does this, I’m not moving any of my files arounds, neither the project, or the files I’m importing into the project…

I do save the project manually as a new version before exiting the program everytime. And sometimes it just loose the entire drawings on a layer.

For exemple I’ve been drawing water animation lately, on a drawing layer. Keep saving every new frame or so. then, when I quit, and come back the day after, I open the file, and everything that was in the frames (frames are still there) are gone, even done that were drawn way before the new frames.