Harmony Layers substitution fits but doesn't change drawings


I’ve drawn a character with different views and made each a template. I’ve also made templates for the heads in each view, so that I could change the heads, while the body is the same. For this to work, I know that all layers inside “Head_front” have to be in the same order as “Head_profile”, for example.

The problem is, while the layers fit, when I drag the template to the timeline, it doesn’t substitute the drawings… In other words, when I drag “head_front” to lock with the layers of “head_profile”, the new frames show as if I simply added frames to it, and no profile shows up…

(I did not make a mistake in naming the templates, they have different drawings and it shows in the preview)

Thank you!


Can you contact support@toonboom.com and ask for Francois ?
I will ask you to ZIP your project and send it to me so I could investigate.