Harmony: Is Pencil the new Brush?

I got a chance to try Harmony at my animation school and realized that the Pencil tool is now a lot more sophisticated with a ton of new features like pressure sensitivity, line profiles, a very cool bitmap mapping function etc.
In Animate Tutorials the Pencil always appeared to be inferior to the Brush and used up more performance. Did this situation changed now for Harmony? If I just want a pressure sensitive tip, should I choose the Pencil now?

The pencil has indeed improved a lot.

I use the pencil 100% of the time now. It is also easy to edit the contours of the taper.

Can you add control points to the pencil line contour to refine the shape? I find that editing the spine with the contour editor tends to smooth out points even when I don’t want it to. This is very irritation because although I can add control points to the spine, no corresponding control points are added to the contour. I have had to convert pencil lines to brush strokes to get the fine tuning I want. This is annoying because sometimes I would like to be able to control the texture and gradient the pencil way, not the brush way.