Harmony is not responding

Any expert here in technical. wanted to know how to fix my Harmony, I can create and open project, but the program is not responding when tried to use it. Tried to update graphic driver didn’t work and rollback the driver hoping it will work but it didn’t. My unit specs are i7/ 16gigmem/ gtx960 geforce. I hope someone can help me on this.


Has it ever worked?

What operating system and version?

Was there a recent update to the OS between it working and freezing?

Yes it worked before, but i did not use it for a while, when im using it again that was happened. windows 10 ulitimate my os. the update that i didnt know, how to can i find if my windows have been updated?

To check your Windows updates, go to the Windows Control Panel
and from there to Security&Updates.

If your system has an Intel graphic card, a recent Windows Update may
have damaged the driver for OpenGL display. In such a situation you would
need to re-install the graphic card driver.