Harmony Interface is too small on my cintiq any ways to change it?

The words and icons are unbelievably small on my cintiq, the interface is super super tiny, is there any ways to change the icon size and word size?

easy to fix:

1-right click to Harmony icon
2-choose "Properties
3- go to “Compatibility tab”
4- check: "disable display scaling on high DPI settings

do you have Cintiq 13hd ??
this happens to me with my Cintiq too

Yea I have a cintiq 13HD but your solution did not work for me the icon stays the same.

I have a cintiq 13HD and I had the same problem, what I do to work in harmony is to extend the interface to cover two monitors, and I leave only a “drawing” and a “camera” tabs in the cintiq, the rest of the interface, including the menus, are in a normal monitor.

Both monitors should have the same resolution (1920x1080-FHD, the one supported by cintiq13HD) and I set up the windows bar in the top so I can spread it withouth problems (my cintiq is below my main monitor.

you can see a screenshot here of the configuration of windows and tabs inside harmony.


A thing worth mentioning is that I have another tablet, an intuos4, the cintiq pen works fine on it so I map this tablet to the other monitor, as long as I know the cintiq pen works in bamboo and cheaper intuos so that’s a cheap option.

Another option is to have a button set on the cintiq to change the monitor mapped on the pen when used on the cintiq (display toggle on the key assignment tab on the wacom configuration utility)

Hope it helps

mmmm, this worked for me, Check your video card drivers, update it if necessary,

what Video card do you have? Nvidia, AMD ATI or Intel ?

There needs to be interface customization options in harmony. I have the same problem with one of my monitors, the interface icons are illegible.

Thank you everyone for your feedback.
This is definitely something we are looking into.

Continue to share your feedback,


Hello. Is this a PC fix? I don’t see properties/compatibility on a Mac.

Interface scaling is still a top priority… in 2021

Something like this would be ideal:


Is there any progress / news / workarounds for Mac?