harmony in win8 UI colors?


I recently made the jump from Animate to Harmony 10, and I love it. I’m having a lot of fun learning all the new stuff.

I noticed that the UI seems slightly washed out as compared to Animate in Win8. For example, its hard to visually see weather the animate button is on or not as its turn-on state looks so similar to when its clicked-off, and its often hard to see where scroll bars are, say, in the the timeline. This was never a problem in Animate.

It kind of slows me down a tad while I’m working because I’m constantly checking to see if something it toggled on or off. Does anyone know of any possible fixes?

Here’s some examples:


Hi, Frank,
Thank you so much for your kind advise, i will report it to our product manager.

Yikes. I can see where that would be confusing.
On my iMac, the button is shaded with a dark gray border around the animate icon when activated. It’s very obvious.

I hope they fix this for the Windows user.

Thanks Wei. I appreciate it! Again, I’ve used Animate in Win8 and this wasn’t an issue with that. The buttons in Animate in Win8 behaved in a very clear manner.