Harmony in MacOS 10.11

I am using Harmony 12.2.1 in OS10.11.4 On a MacPro. I recently upgraded because I didn’t see any issues on the boards and a few months had passed since the launch. However now when I run Harmony there is a serious drawing lag on new projects. I had 4x antialiasing on when I was using the last os with no issues. Now I have antialiasing off and I get a 1-2 second lag behind the brush. Unfortunately this has made Harmony unusable.

Thanks in advance for your help.

I had the same issue when upgrading. When Harmony grinds to a halt I found two things helped:

  1. Make sure you have all toolbars expanded so that you have no >> showing. Rearrange if you have to.

  2. I know this sounds crazy but I found drawing in Render View was actually faster than Open GL view. That’s right, drawing in RENDER VIEW. There will be a lot of people who think that’s around the wrong way but it worked for me.

I use a MacBook Pro, OS 10.11.4 with a Yiynova MSP19U+ tablet. Harmony 12.2.1. My video card is AMD Radeon HD 6770M 1024 MB and I have 8GB RAM. I know it’s time for an upgrade but I had no problems before updating my OS AND looking at the latest MacBook Pro specs I’d need to spend $5000 to be up to scratch with Harmony. So for the meantime I’ll chug along with what I’ve got, and draw in other programs to import to Harmony.

I ended up building a Hackintosh for Harmony because what Apple offered was a severely pricey investment that was a shot gun spray only partially targeting what Harmony could utilize. Their soldered RAM and limited GPU options sealed the deal.

I agree - if you have the hardware selection and building skills, and Windows isn’t your thing, then you’d be better off building your own Hackintosh. Apple’s current desktop hardware lineup is pretty limited, and the soldered components are a ridiculous development. It is a bit insane to think that a reasonably priced custom build with PC components outperforms the far more expensive Apple alternatives.

Although the Macbooks are pretty good - although again a rather expensive deal when you are interested in a more powerful version. And with those cemented components the option to replace components yourself is pretty much non-existent. With a custom desktop build any component that fails can be easily and quickly replaced. Screen breaks during production? Head for the nearest store for a replacement, and continue working - a matter of hours of lost time, rather than days or weeks.

Btw, for real animation work I find it quite hard to believe anyone would ever want to work on a laptop. Get yourself a proper workstation for serious work - with at least a dual screen setup (I work on three myself).

PS Apple’s Trash Bin does not count as a workstation. Terrible, terrible.

I wouldn’t say I want to work on a laptop, but not all of us can be tethered to a desk every day. When I am at home doing my ‘serious work’ I have a dual screen set up with my Yiynova screen which is plenty big enough. Yes three screens would be great, but I’ll make do for now.

When I made the jump from Animate Pro 3 to Harmony, my old Mac Pro from 2006 just would not be able to run it. I had hacked it to run Mac OS X 10.9.5, but could not get it beyond that and Harmony required at least 10.10.5.

What I ended up doing was buying a used Mac Pro from 2008 (3,1), it did not have the EFI 32 limitation that the 2006 Mac Pro had and so I was able to update to El Capitan, 10.11, etc. It may seem crazy to buy an 8 year old machine off of eBay, but it was an 8 core Xeon, 3 GHz, I was able to max out the RAM to 32 GB, bought an older nVidia 680 GTX 2 GB card, and a PCI-e based SSD hard drive. The RAM actually did not cost me anything as I was able to just use what was in the old Mac Pro.

I have a 27" Asus 2.5 k monitor (2560x1440 res), and an Intuos Pro Medium tablet and an old Wacom Cintiq 12wx.

All in all a pretty humble setup but it works fine for me. The one thing I would be curious to know is if Mac users have more problems with AMD/ATI based cards? I know I had more issues when I was using the Radeon 4870 and the Radeon 5770 cards when using Toon Boom the past few years.

It just seems in my experience, that Toon Boom works the best with nVidia cards. When I just updated to Mac OS 10.11.5 this past week, nVidia had drivers ready for me to update, I use their web drivers and not Apple’s. Never really have any issues with any of my software.

Hmmmm, you’ve definitely given me something to think about scungyho. Like you said, most wouldn’t even consider buying an 8 year old machine but it just makes sense when you look at what Apple to have to offer atm.

I agree that nvidia is the way to go. I won’t get a machine that uses radeon in the future.

Now, off to check out what ebay has to offer…

To each their own, I have tried multiple monitors and it really did not work for me. It was just too tempting to have other things open, a web browser, email, etc, and I would get distracted far too often and my productivity would decline.

Also, I found that if I ran two monitors off the same graphics card that the performance suffered in Toon Boom. I did end up putting in another card so that when I use my small Cintiq from time to time it helps alleviate the issues.

Just feels like everybody has their own workarounds and issues and it is challenging to make it all work.

Yeah, the EFI limitation in that Mac Pro from 2006 meant that I was stuck at 10.7.5 supposedly, but people found a workaround where they did a hack and, like I said, I was able to get it to 10.9.5 Mavericks.

When Toon Boom had that insane upgrade offer for me to go to Harmony Premium from Animate Pro for $500 I jumped at the chance. But… I did not have a computer to run it!

So, I looked at iMacs, I looked at the new Mac Pro, the cylinder shaped, etc, and I investigated maybe building a Hackintosh. The Hackintosh route was one that I just did not want to pursue. I had spent a lot of time and effort keeping my old Mac Pro going and hacking it at the end and I just did not want to do anymore of that moving forward.

But then the new hardware did not thrill me either. And the money to get that new hardware seemed ridiculous. So, I thought why not see what older Mac Pros could still provide?

Yes, they have older architectures, the Mac Pro I got from 2008 does not have USB 3 or Thunderbolt, or Bluetooth 4, etc. I was able to buy a PCI card that the SSD plugs into so that I get faster speeds out of it than I would if I plugged it in like a regular SATA hard drive. Yes, the PCI bus was only 2.0 and the SSD does not achieve the top speeds that it really should but it is still way faster than a traditional SATA drive.

I got a mini-PCI card for the motherboard that has an updated WiFi/Bluetooth 4 chipset on it. When I bought this 2008 Mac Pro it already had a USB 3 PCI card in it. Again, the PCI bus being slower means I don’t see USB 3 speeds but still it is faster than the native USB 2.

I spent a little over $700 to buy and max out this “old” Mac Pro. Some of the items I haggled for on eBay. If somebody wanted $150 for a graphics card but had a make an offer button, I countered with $100. I was merciless. I took my time and had a budget and would not overpay. Did it all in two weeks.

How long will it be able to keep up and running? Haven’t a clue.

Ran out of characters! Anyway, I feel much better in having spent just $700 compared to say $2,000 for an 27" iMac i7 or $3,500 for a new Mac Pro. I get to stay on the Mac, and I am familiar with the old Mac Pros.

It is nice to have multiple hard drives inside, to be able to add items like a second graphics card, it has an optical drive for discs, the second bay for an optical drive can actually be used for another hard drive. It is nice to have those options. The other thing is that these machines are just beasts and last a long time! My 2006 is now 10 years old and still going strong, I use it mostly as a media server and for backups now. There are so many Mac Pros and parts and such on Ebay that it is easy to build and maintain, you just have to put forth the effort.

I figure I will eventually want to get a newer Mac Pro or iMac but this will hold me over until that day, or maybe I will buy a Mac Pro from 2011-2012 instead!

@DessieX Both of your suggestions worked mostly the >> option. I have a thread with their tech support so I will make sure to point this out.

As far as the hackintosh v. trashcan, I am a professional working for a major network. When you are a pro you can f-around with hack machines. My trashcan flies and no and i7 is not adequate for my needs since I also work in Maya. I only bring this up because some of the comments here are getting away from the idea of helping and coming to a solution and instead preaching some sort of elitism. Yes I am also a PC owner as well.

Sorry but this is a software user forum not orbital318’s private forum. You start a thread and it may end up as a spring board to other topics. It is not yours exclusively.

Talking about Macs instead of orbital318 = preaching elitism to orbital318.

I see a few Mac users wanting to keep their operating system but not seeing Harmony-suitable systems being produced by Apple. No one said anything about Macs being better than anything else. I offered my solution when faced with the same predicament other Toon Boom users were facing.

As far as your problem goes you “are a professional” so pay for a Toon Boom Support plan or hire a professional consultant for a solution.

Yeah, it would not be the worst thing in the world for more topics to get sidetracked and go down tangents. This forum is, for the most part, the quietest forum I have ever belonged to. It is a good thing to have more participation and chatter.

In terms of the original topic, well, I think many solutions were put forth but maybe more effort should have been put forth on your end. Nowhere did I see what Mac you had, what graphics card, etc. Just that it was a Mac Pro, running 10.11.4 and the latest Harmony. So, we all took a stab in the dark, I talked about the differences I have seen with nVidia and AMD/ATI cards in the two Mac Pros that I have, DessieX and others talked of their experiences.

I don’t fault you for have a trash can Mac Pro, I wouldn’t mind having one myself, but my budget did not allow. Between getting into a new car, upgrading to Harmony and other software, as well as dealing with the health of a family pet, the money just was not there to get a new Mac Pro.

Hi you all, recently I’ve posted the same problem that I read here… my bad. But I found a workaround, that maybe is because there is a bug or something.

If you are using the wacom pen, and you use the toolbar to select the brush you’ll note a really big lag when drawing. BUT, if you don’t use the toolbar and instead you use the pen right button to select your tool (for example: Right Button->“Drawing tools”->“Brush”), then THERE IS NO LAG! Is really weird, but is great to know that I actually can work with the wacom.

I’m really happy to have found this workaround, and I’m pretty sure its going to help not only to other macmini users, but also to the developers to find the problem.

I have a Mac Mini i5 with 8GB Ram, running on El Capitan, with a Wacom Intuos Pen Small, and this workaround made my day, :slight_smile:

AMT/ATI cards are fine on Mac where OpenGL is native to the OS.
On Windows these cards suffer due to poor drivers - it’s not the hardware.