Harmony icons small on Wacom Cintiq Companion 2

Update: I have tried harmony 14 on My companion and it seems that they have finally Solved this is sue!! Thank You ToonBoom!!

Hi guys,
I’m also having some issues with Harmony on the companion 2.
Most of them occurs while I change display scaling in Windows 10. As the native resolution of the cintiq’s display is very high, it’s impossible to work in 100 percent, icons and texts are too small. So I swiped for 150 or 125.

Issues are listed bellow :

1- While I’m using the eye picker in 150 or 125 percent, I can’t use this tool, the color that I pick is never the good one. If I want to use the color picker -what I use quite often-, I have to change windows scaling to be able to eye pick.

2- If I plug another display to the companion 2, again in 150 or 125 percent, impossible to use the lasso tool or the white arrow tool, I can’t use it, I can’t select anything. Which is a shame, cause I need quite often to work with another display. If I wan’t to do so, I need, again, to switch to 100 percent to be able to use harmony with an extra display.

These issues occurs only with Harmony. None of the other program that I am using seems to be affected by this display scaling. So I guess it comes from harmony.

For some of you guys who have a cintiq companion 2 with windows 10, if you have a few minutes to give a test about the issues that I have, it would be great to post your results, to know if I am not alone in that case !

Please find a way to fix this toon boom, your software rocks, it’s a shame that there is these minor issues !

EDIT : impossible to write the percent sign in this forum ! which is a bit annoying for that thread !