Harmony icons small on Wacom Cintiq Companion 2

Hey guys,

I recently bought a Cintiq Companion 2 and when I open Harmony the icons are small and the text is large, so it doesn’t fit causing the text to be cut off. I’ve attached examples below. The screen resolution is currently 2048 by 1152. Original resolution is 2560 by 1440. I’ve played with different resolutions but it has 0 effect on then issue. Any ideas? I need help.

Have you read and tried either of these ideas out?



I have not I’ll take a look now. THANX!

Maz, let me know if you find a solution.

I’ve tried the two links shared above, but no help.

Mildly disappointed that I upgraded from Animate Pro to Harmony so far.

You did the whole DPI thing in the registry and what not?? I’m about to try that now

Neither of these links lead to a solution unfortunately. Thank for the help though.

yea… Just tried didn’t work for me either

Does no one have a solution?!?! TOONBOOM! WE NEED HELP!!!

Im also having this problem !!! did toon boom answered anyone so far ???

Hi there!

Actually, I bring some good news: on my companion 2, layer names are displayed properly (not cut out as they were before). The icons are still on the tiny side, but it’s an improvement!

Good evening,

Your questions and feedback are noted and we are looking into this issue.

Please keep sharing your questions and comments.

If we have solutions, we will post them.


Hey did you do anything to fix that?

Nothing at all! It just looked like this after the update. Actually, I checked the version notes, and this was mentioned there, so my guess is if you update, it may look fine then!

Unfortunatley it hasn’t changed for me :confused:

Any updates? This issue is really inhibiting many of us from finishing our work. Especially those of us who travel.

Guys I’ve recently downloaded OpenToonz and in all honesty the icons are still tiny but its manageable, you can finish your work. I hate to not be using my ToonBoom programs but I need to find a solution to finish my stuff. I travel a lot so my companion is really heavily used so if any of you are as desperate as I am try OpenToonz until they figure out how to solve this issue. TOONBOOM PLEASE SOLVE THIS PROBLEM!!!

Hey Marie,

I was wondering if you guys had any updates on this issue with the Cintiq? Really hope ya’ll made some progress this thing is killin me. Thank you.

Good afternoon Maz,

We are currently working ​on full support for retina and high resolution displays​ within our products​. ​The ​current version of our products ​works with these displays but part of the interface ​may appear blurry. ​Full support is planned for future releases.


Thank you. We really really appreciate the updates!!!

Any updates for us? We’ve been discussing this issue for almost a year