Harmony having bitmap drawing tools like SBP 4!

I figure it is only a matter of time before bitmap drawing tools show up in Harmony but I am curious on people’s thoughts on doing animation in vector or bitmap. While the pencil line drawing tools are pretty amazing I do see adding bitmap drawing tools have having the best of both worlds in one program. I would like to hear other people’s opinions on the matter, would you use bitmap drawing tools in Harmony if you were able too.

If it had the option to use bitmap tools then it would be my primary use! Vector is nice but it never catches my art style so im forced to work in other software and import it afterwards. Then again it depends on how the opacity by pressure is dealed and how the colors would blend…with toonbooms way of dealing with id colors at the moment I wouldn’t find bitmap fitting for detailed work in it.
What I would find a great improvement for the recent version is better brush tool properties for opacity during the pen pressure. It just doesn’t feels right like in other graphic software that support size and opacity in pen pressure and for that in my opinion doesn’t fulfill that well the feeling of drawing with a pencil as claimed

I wouldn’t probably use bitmap drawing tools at all as I would be losing one big advantage vector drawings have: resolution independence.

If I really want to use pixel based stuff I can do that in Photoshop or Corel Painter which have a mature brush/painting engine. I would be highly surprised if ToonBoom came up with a bitmap based brush engine that comes even close to that in PS or Painter which have had decades of evolution time.


Perhaps a more advanced way of importing bitmap images into frames would be a neat feature. I recently try to just sketch in toonboom the parts I animate, redraw them in my style in different graphic software and then paste each drawing over the animated sketch wich is time consuming though

One of the things I always wished Flash had was a bitmap layer to make roughs on, and to keep the vector tools for cleanup, etc. It would be pretty great if Harmony added bitmap tools to supplement what they have already.

I usually do my sketch animation drawings in either TVPaint or Digicel Flipbook and then import the image sequence into Harmony. What is the different graphic software you use, is it Photoshop?

That would be gimp in my case. The thing is, toonboom imports images only as new frames so I cant quite directly import anything into already animated ones…unless I double the amount of layers. hmmm…