Harmony Freezes for 15-25 seconds every time I make a brush or pencil stroke

Toonboom Harmony 14 Essentials previously worked just fine on my computer previously, but now every time I try to draw the canvas goes all white, the mouse turns to a loading wheel, and the program freezes up (Not Responding) for a significant amount of time before displaying my stroke. I’ve found similar issues by searching around, and attempted to utilize their solutions (rolling back GPU updates, reinstalling ToonBoom, checking perfomance (stable at low CPU use and less than half my 8 RAM used while Chrome is open,)) and I even made new files to double check that it wasn’t the issue. Nothing has changed! I’m going crazy!

Please help me resolve this issue I’m facing!

Thank you very much for reading!

If your graphic card is an Intel card on Windows, try cleaning the registry
using a registry cleaner tool and then re-install the graphic card driver.

If it’s something different than that contact support and provide your
graphic card details.

That worked perfectly! Thank you so much!