Harmony forgets last opened directory


Anyone else has this problem? It only happens to me on Mac (latest OS), not in Windows. Harmony (11) keeps pointing to Documents when opening a new scene, instead of going to last opened directory. This was happening only occasionally but recently it’s been going on for several days. It’s annoying.

Apparently the same happens with Storyboard Pro 4.1

Am I the only one with this issue? The only one who finds this an issue? Maybe one of those Mac things that are not real issues because it’s how it happens in Macs?

It shouldn’t be complicated to make the software open the last opened directory instead of going to Documents all the time.

If you create a new project in a designated folder other than Desktop, save the project, close the software, reopen the software does the project directory show Desktop or the one you just created?

It happens to me as well (I use a Mac)

But I lost my faith in Toon Boom support long ago because many other bugs or malfunctions have been reported here and they are still there, in the new Harmony 12.

For instance, if you work with more than one monitor (I use 3) and you have several windows arranged in those monitors, Harmony doesn’t remember the position when you reopen the program or just open a new scene. You have to rearrange all those windows every time.

The snapping options don’t work well, specially the snap to grid. Try to snap the center of a drawing objet to the center of the grid…it just doesn’t work.

I could write long list, but it’s hopeless…

I’ve been working most of the time with projects created by exporting from Storyboard Pro, so I rarely ‘create’ new scenes. But trying that option the result is still the same, it keeps going to the OS Documents directory. What’s strange is that there was a time this didn’t happen, it pointed to the last opened dir, then it would forget the dir a number of times during the day or for most of the day, then it would return to the “normal” behavior… Now it seems to have given up totally, always going to Documents. This in several computers.

Hopefully I won’t work on Macs forever (no such issue with my personal license in Windows) or at least not with standalone licenses, but this shouldn’t be technically complicated to solve.

Luis Canau

Did they correct the Always on Top option?

The option exists in Preferences but it had no effect.

Support acknowledged that it did not work.

I have dual monitors working and can save a dual set up and have it populate the screens the way it is supposed to.

I am pretty certain it was archiviloria who showed me how to handle it. :slight_smile:

Did you forget the method that worked?

(I use Animate Pro 3 though)

Yes, it was me who told you how to set up two monitors :wink:

But now I have two monitors and a cintiq. That is three screens and I just can’t get the workspace to be saved from one session to another :frowning:

Maybe a thread on this is exactly what IS needed?

I have been optimistic about the new arrangement but I have not tasted the waters. I have to upgrade my computer before I can even use the Trial. I am not in as much of a hurry and will stick with Animate Pro 3 for now.

I’d feel better if there was a clear list of bug fixes addressed and a detailed list of features contained in each of the Harmony levels. What has been omitted?

Since I signed up last June I have not seen Lilly participating here. Seems to have stopped in early 2013. She has the same last name as the former CEO, Joan Vogelesang, who left at the end of 2014. Is the name a coincidence? Is Lilly still with the company?