Harmony: fatal error with pencil tool


I have noticed a problem when working with the pencil tool where the program wont allow me to make full lines on the left side out of the camera view when the real-time antialiasing is on.
The line turns into wierd texture in the left zone wich happens also with the Line tool but not with the brush tool.
With further drawing on the left side ,out of camera view causes this error.

This strange textured line also happens in my recent project where i try to draw icons but this time the line becomes disturbed on the left halve of the inside of camera view.

I tried to move this wierd textured line to the right with the animation tool but the strange look on it remains with mo change.Just the select tool seems to have an effect but is no real solution…

Any ideas or explanation whats going on and how to fix this?

It’s a know limitation of the Real-time Anti-aliasing with Pencil lines. Unless you really need to use it, as explained in other topics, I would suggest to use the Full-scene Anti-aliasing instead.

It’s fine in the final render, right? It’s only an OpenGL view problem.

I happens only with center line vectors (pencil lines) but not with brush.