Harmony: Exporting not working in Windows 10

Has anyone else run into issues exporting their files on a Windows 10 computer? The computers I use at school are Windows 10, and I don’t have any issues exporting my files. However, my home computer also has Windows 10, and I’ve had on and off success with exporting my animation into .mov files.

When I go to export my animation, a few things can happen… when I go to “Movie Options” it will either let me successfully change the settings, or the pop-up window will flicker on and off and I have to force close Harmony because it freezes up (aside from the pop-up still flickering like it’s possessed). If I successfully change the movie options, and click “OK” to export, it continues as normal. I wait for the little pop-up to reach 100% and it disappears, check the folder it exported to… and the file isn’t there.

I go to File > Export > Movie, and have tried different types of exporting like “Animation”, “H.261”, “H.263” etc. etc.

Sometimes if I go to the Export window, play with the settings, but click “Cancel” instead of “OK” I get a “Media settings” error, but that doesn’t always pop-up.

I really don’t know what to do to fix this… I feel like I’ve exhausted all of my options, but nothing is making a difference. Out of the probably 20 times I’ve tried exporting animation on this computer, I’ve had 2 successful attempts (and using the same options to export as before doesn’t help).

Sorry for the late reply, but that did the trick. Thank you! :smiley:

Hey there!

Do you have Quicktime installed? It is required to export out to .mov files.

If it is already installed, try the following:

-Uninstall current Quick Time
-Reboot (to refresh the preferences)
-Reinstall Quick Time with default installation option
-Reboot again to apply changes.

Let us know how it goes. :slight_smile:

Hello there. I’m currently having the same issues as what happened to Marshminator. I followed your procedure. I uninstalled Quick Time, reboot the laptop and install and then reboot again. But somehow I still couldn’t export my work into movie. Still not responding. I hope you can help me on this one. I’m also using Windows 10, by the way. Thank you and have a good day.