Harmony Export .mov doesnt play

Hello I recently switched from using Studio to Harmony. I loved studio and its .avi export. Creation and animation were so smooth and easy. Now it seems that I can no longer see my animations due to mov codecs errors. How do I fix this or get my money back? I hate this program and I am in the middle of a project

What are you attempting to watch them with?

I have had a similar issue. I’m using windows and naturally the default player is windows media, and it would not play the mov files. HOWEVER, I can play the mov files with no issues using the latest Quicktime. I also am able to drop them in Premier without any problems. Lead me to believe that WIndows Media Player is the problem and not TBH. In any case, if the mov file is not working in your work flow, then it’s not working.

THAT SAID, I do feel that they should give more export options, like what Studio had. On their feature comparison, for export options, they wrote “most popular”. I interpreted it as “most of the popular export formats” but apparently it meant “the one most popular export format”. :confused: Premium says “all” - so apparently even advanced doesn’t have any additional options.

I did set it to open in Quicktime and it still shows a blank movie. When I render the animation I can see it just fine up until the export. I have checked to see if I had the latest QT and I do, also I am running Windows 8.1 if that helps.

By adding a second layer of all white frames, then merging the drawing layer and white frames together. This gave me a background and I was able to see the animation (which was drawn in black). I guess its too much to ask for the export to auto this step instead of making it all black :confused:

OHHHHHH! Yeah. The default color of the background is black, and not white like Studio. So, yes, if your art is all black, it won’t show up against the black background.

I don’t think you have to merge the layers (sounds tedious- frame by frame?). You just need to throw a white rectangle the size of the camera view on a layer below your art layer an extend the exposure as long as your animation (art layer). Then export. Not really a huge extra step because it’s the same thing you’d have to do in Studio if you wanted a bg other than white, IE white art on a black background. I looked in preferences, and there doesn’t appear to be anywhere to change the default bg color of exports.

Side note: I did contact support about whether .mov is going to be the only option going forward for Harmony Essentials, and they confirmed that. They also mentioned that changes to the codec can be made in “Movie Settings” when you’re exporting. I know that’s not particular to you issue, but just following up on some of the things I had mentioned before.