Harmony Essentials seems not ready for primetime

  1. Cannot set and save work-space to have a fixed consistent personalized arrangement on program start. I disabled the auto-save feature, but over and over I find the program restarts in the last arrangement it was in when last closed.

  2. Color Palettes can be customized (like in TBS) but cannot find a way to save the palette after customization. This was real easy to do in TBS.

  3. In TBS if you are working with the program and wish to start anew → FILE > NEW gets you there after electing to save or delete the current file. No way to do so in Essentials but to close and re-open the program.

  4. when you have multiple elements on a timeline TBS have an “arrange” feature that allows you move the elements up or down. You can click and drag but I find this feature useful sometimes. Harmony doesn’t have this …why?

  5. TBS has more effects features than Harmony…huh!!!

  6. Still cannot figure out how to add a simple shadow effect, after reading the manuals that seems …not properly made for the 3 versions of Harmony.

  7. I have TBS, Art-Rage, Auto-Sketch all performed flawlessly with my YIYNOVA tablet. Only Harmony have me making adjustments to the compatibility settings in Windows 7 that forces a warning pop-up message every-time I start Harmony(very annoying). without this setting Harmony doesn’t work with my tablet to draw.

I just upgraded from TBS with the recent $109 offer from Toon-boom, but so far I don’t feel like I’ve upgraded.

I really feel TB messed up this change to cancel TBS and force users to Harmony. If you’re new and never used TBS you may not notice these issues, but for me its very disappointing that they’ve set out on this course.

Provide a release 'PATCH" to the current version of Harmony Essentials, users must clearly see they’re using a superior product to TBS.
I suggest RENAME the 3 versions of Harmony, tutorials and document should be specific to each version to avoid confusion