Harmony Essentials Not Responding After Clicking "Create Scene"

Okay, so I have a laptop that is on the lower end of the requirements, 10gb ram, Intel 4000 graphics driver, 1.8-2.3 ghz processor, etc.
And every time I try to create a new scene, it’ll freeze, say “not responding” and I have to close it again. Waiting doesn’t do anything. I’ve talked to Windows support and Toon Boom support on in, and neither one found a solution. At most, the Toon Boom technician said what usually causes this is a blockage within the system. But even after removing several games, apps, turning off the anti virus, uninstalling and re-installing, restarting, running as administrator, and looking to see if there’s a background app running, they both found nothing.
So I have no idea what to do now. If anyone can please help me, I would be very grateful.