Harmony Essentials > Export to MPEG or AVI


it is possible to export mpeg or avi from Harmony Essentials? No matter what I choose, MOV-File ist created.
Thanks in advice for your help:)

As far as I know, Harmony is using QuickTime for exporting movie-projects.
QuickTime can only access codecs that are accessible on your system.

If you can’t find the codec you’re looking for in the export settings,
export your project as image-sequence, then use a 3d-party encoder
that is able to transcode to your desired format.

Hi, .MOV is the only option on a Mac at least, although you can set different Codecs like mpeg, H264 and so on.

I personally always tend to export as ‘ANIMATION’ as this gives the option to use with ALPHA backgrounds so i can do my composite work in other apps. Plus the Animation setting seems to give the best colour rendition. If i then need to output as a different video format I would run it through something like Compressor or Handbrake.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks for help!!