Harmony Essentials - changing line caps?

How can I change the ends of a pencil stroke from curved to square (or vice versa).

They seem to always be rendered as ‘round’ when applying a pencil stroke, and ‘square’ when vertices are deleted using contour editor.

I can’t seem to find a ‘stroke caps’ or ‘corners’ option in any of the line drawing tools (pencil/line/rectangle/polyline) or the selection tools.

I am on Premium here but when you select a line, the Pencil Selection area in the Tools Properties shows the three icons to change the line cap. Is that not in Essentials? Here is a screen capture of what it looks like:


Those options appear on the Pencil Editor properties on Premium (and Advanced, I believe), but Essentials doesn’t have variable width and textures on pencil lines so no such options.


Luis Canau

Unfortunately, those options don’t appear in the essentials pencil options area.