Harmony Essentials Brush Help

Is there a way to create brushes in Harmony Essentials? Basically, I think I’m looking for more a raster-like brush instead of the vector-like one it has by default and the settings in the brush properties tab doesn’t provide me with what I need to make a brush that suits my needs. I’ve looked all around and can’t find any worthwhile tutorials so I’m worried that this feature isn’t included in the version I can afford (monthly subscription). All the brushes that come default in the Essentials version are far too similar to Flash CS6’s brush, which is weird because I heard how amazing the brush in Toon Boom was compared to Flash.

At the very least, is there a better tutorial for understanding the brush properties panel and how to manipulate the settings easily? I can’t find any tutorials or the ones I have found are outdated or for an entirely different software (Animate Pro 3, Storyboard Pro, ect.).

Essentials doesn’t have bitmap tools, only Advanced and Premium. The difference between the pencil and the brush in Essentials is basically having a centre or a contour vector line. You can check the comparison table of the three Harmony versions in the page: http://www.toonboom.com/products/harmony/features (Scroll down a little).

Luis Canau