Harmony Essentials 16.0 Not Creating an .Xstage File

When I go to create a new scene in the First Menu, the Folder gets created, however the .Xstage File does not. I bought the permanent license for Harmony Essentials 15.0 a few years ago, and haven’t been using it all that often. I received an upgrade code to essentials 16.0, and upgraded it too today to see if a fresh install would fix it, and it did not.

Does anyone have any ideas or tips? Thank You

Have you been looking for the .xstage file when the scenes are brand new and void of content?

I created a new scene file.

Initially there was no .xstage file and I did a system wide search to make sure it was not being placed somewhere else.

Once I drew a line and saved the scene the .xstage file and several additional files appeared in the project’s main folder, (i.e. aux/backup, palette list, element table and scene version table).

Harmony actually closes before I’m able to draw, and I haven’t been able to load a scene. I assumed I needed to select an .xstage file to select in order to start drawing

Do you understand that you don’t need to load a scene?

You open the software, create a new project and add a drawing layer in order to begin drawing.

The software never gets pass the screen with “Create New Scene” and “Load Scene”, it just closes out after creating a project. I haven’t seen any other screen or option yet

Have you confirmed that your hardware meets the minimum requirements?

I imagine by this time you have shut down and restarted the computer after installing the software.

You really should contact Support@toonboom.com

Or https://desk.toonboom.com/hc/en-us/requests/new