Harmony Essentials 12 Free Trial not exporting in .mov format. RESOLVED

I am using the trial version of Harmony 12 Essentials and whenever I try to export in Movie format, the export screen pops up, and I put in the correct parameters, but when I press OK, nothing happens. Nothing is saved anywhere, and no rendering takes place whatsoever. It doesn’t even let me select the “Video Options” box, as nothing happens when I click it. The only thing that happens is the export window closes.

What can this possibly be? Should I check my version of Quicktime player is up to date, or is it something wrong with Harmony, since it’s a trial version and it doesn’t allow exporting in .mov format.

got the same problem…thanks you answered it too. haha. THANKS!


I fixed it. It was because I didn’t have Quicktime player installed.