Harmony Essential, library of charactairs

I am a beginner on animation, haven’t work with flash or any other program. I have made charactairs in harmony Essentials and started to animate in timeline.
Now I want to import charactairs, re use them, in Another episode.
I have Watch the tutorial about this but find it difficult toknow how to do it in Essential, I Think the proversion and essential is diffrent here.

Please help me find a way to build a “library of charactairs”.
And if you got a tutorials serie to recomend ( I have look through Toon Booms tutorials for essential) I will be happy.

Thanks a lot,

go to here to download character templates https://www.toonboom.com/resources/templates, select ESSENTIALS and Animate so you can use the appropriate templates, you can also delete your previous post.

Thank you MetalVagabond, good suggestion.

You can find more tutorials and sample material in our Beta Learning platform for Harmony Essentials.


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