Harmony Equivalances

When I upgraded to Harmony 11 from Animate Pro, Support converted all of my projects for me. I had a lot of projects in the works too! It took about a day. The thing I love about Toon Boom Support are that they are really flexible and helpful, and if you write to them with a request they are usually more than happy to help you out.

Well, what I meant was that those who liked the functionality of animate pro would have to switch to Harmony Premium now, which is more expensive than Animate Pro ever was.

Anyway, without node compositing, simple things like parenting can become near impossible, as the stapled layer structure often doesn’t function like it should. It seems quite buggy and makes things unnecessary complicated.
Why not just include node comp with only 12 effects in Harmony Advanced? It’s creating the node structure “under the hood” anyway, as I could see when I opened my project in Harmony Premium.

Toon Boom are being very generous with the Harmony Premium upgrade. In 8 years I have gone from Toon Boom Studio to Animate to Animate Pro and now finally to Harmony Premium.

The cross grade specials that I took advantage of to go from Studio to Animate and then Animate to Animate Pro were $399. In the past couple years they have enticed me with offers to upgrade/crossgrade to Harmony but the money was either too much, over $1,200 and I couldn’t, or I had the money and spent it on a Cintiq before getting the offer. Just couldn’t catch a break.

But now? Animate Pro users can upgrade to Harmony Premium for $499? That is just too good a deal to pass up. I have bought a lot of software over the past 20 years and that has to be one of the best deals I have ever had, maybe the best. Thank you Toon Boom.

True :slight_smile: It’s in fact so generous that it’s cheaper to buy Animato Pro 3, and then upgrade to Harmony Premium, instead of buying Premium straight away! (or at least, that’s whait I red in another topic on this forum)

Still, what was once in Harmony that was not in Animate Pro? I always figured Harmony had all the network and server capacities, etc, which is not much of use if you’re a stand-alone user.

It kind of feels like they’re forcing that those who would once use Animate Pro, will have to pay more now for Harmony Premium now to get the same functionality. There’s no inbetween option anymore between “animate” and “harmony”.

That being said, as I don’t animate from home very often, their monthly subscription is very convenient for me. And it’s good that they’ve streamlined all their software just different versions of Harmony!

Happy animating :slight_smile:

Upgrade completed and without any hassle.
All went smoothly, even though, I still can’t get used to the ‘returning licence’ part of the process.
Thanks for advice.

I had only one project that neede converting at the time of upgrading from animate pro to harmony 11, it took about ten days.
When I upgraded to harmony 11 I was told that I would automatically be in titled to any upgrades during the following year ( up to nov 2015) . Checking into my account a looking at the upgrade option, it turns out that I will charged $499!! It maybe good value but I still prefure free. Has anyone else been made the same offer when upgrading.

Contact Sales. If you still have a current support contract the upgrade will be free. The details of your support contract may need to be updated on your user account to reflect this.

Thanks Dessie for the reply. I’ll give them a call later today (I,am five hours out of sink with them) and post the outcome.

There isn’t a Harmony 12 that coincides with Animate Pro.

Harmony 11 Standalone was not Animate Pro 3 it was Harmony without the server options.

Harmony 12 Premium is Harmony 12 Standalone.

For additional cost there is Harmony 12 Premium with server features referred to as Harmony Server.

OK, I think I got all this strait now. There are actually 4 versions of Harmony not 3 like I thought at first.

Essentials = Studio
Advanced = Animate
Premium = Animate Pro
Server = original Harmony