Hi everyone,
Is there a way to copy drawings substitute in library? I have to assign the substitute drawing in every frame before i have to copy it in library. If i have 100 substitutes drawings that will take time to set and this is a cutout and i have more drawings to assign. Do toonboom harmony has this option already?


Hi blacksibuyas!

Just so I can better understand the question, you want to make one template of all your drawing substitution? Or multiple templates each containing one drawing substitution?

Either way, to template drawing substitutions in the library, you need to have them exposed within your timeline. From there, you can click on the drawing cel and drag it over to your library. If all of your drawings are not exposed and you are struggling with changing the exposure of your 100 drawings, you can perhaps try to use the Sequence Fill option. If you haven’t renamed your drawings and they are still named 1-100, you will be able to easily expose them.

For more information on the Fill Sequence option, check out the link below!

At the present time, we cannot make a selection of multiple drawings and create individual templates for each drawing substitution as one action. However, if this is a feature you would be interested in, you can go and suggest it under the Feature Request forum at the following link:


Hope this helps!