Hi everyone,
Is there a way to copy drawings substitute in library? I have to assign the substitute drawing in every frame before i have to copy it in library. If i have 100 substitutes drawings that will take time to set and this is a cutout and i have more drawings to assign. Do toonboom harmony has this option already?


Hi blacksibuyas,

The content will be templated differently depending on the templating behaviour you are using.
I believe you are currently drawing frames from the right-hand side of the Timeline -the one where frames are numbered and laid out- into the Library, to get such a result.

I recommend you create your template by dragging the actual layer -from the left-hand side of the Timeline- into the Library view. You will not need to have any of your drawing substitution exposed for them to be part of the template, which will help you save a lot of time.
If you are using Harmony Premium, you can get the same result by copying a drawing node from the Node view and pasting it in the Library view.

Let us know if we can provide additional help,