harmony don't recognize my license

As usual, I opened myHarmony, but all the sudden Activation Wizard showed a message that he can’t activate my license. I double-checked my subscription in my acc. Everything is fine.
I’ve tried to activate software through the Activation Wizard by using my email and password. But it showed me a message about Error 299.
I’ve attached several screenshots, please see.

And yes, I’ve restarted my computer (Cintiq Companion w/ Windows 10) several times already.

I have the same issue.
Internal Server Error (299) - Unassigned
Windows 10

227-299 Unassigned
300 Multiple Choices [RFC7231, Section 6.4.1]
301 Moved Permanently [RFC7231, Section 6.4.2]
302 Found [RFC7231, Section 6.4.3]
303 See Other [RFC7231, Section 6.4.4]
304 Not Modified [RFC7232, Section 4.1]
305 Use Proxy [RFC7231, Section 6.4.5]
306 (Unused) [RFC7231, Section 6.4.6]
307 Temporary Redirect [RFC7231, Section 6.4.7]
308 Permanent Redirect [RFC7538]
309-399 Unassigned
400 Bad Request [RFC7231, Section 6.5.1]
401 Unauthorized [RFC7235, Section 3.1]
402 Payment Required [RFC7231, Section 6.5.2]
403 Forbidden [RFC7231, Section 6.5.3]
404 Not Found [RFC7231, Section 6.5.4]
405 Method Not Allowed [RFC7231, Section 6.5.5]

I saw in General Announcements the reason:

Toon Boom Licensing Portal Is Currently Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Additionally, I’ve just uninstalled and installed Harmony again. It doesn’t work. And I’ve changed my password, just in case, but the result the same- soft doesn’t recognise my license.

Oh, gosh! Thank you. Good to know.

Hi Snoorok,

Please keep an eye on that thread, we will be posting updates in them as we have them!

I will. Thank you.