Harmony doesn't work properly on Windows 11 PC

I got a new pc, it has windows 11. I downloaded the latest Harmony version 21. It loads but then does not respond. I was even given a patch version 21.1 that was suppose to work on windows 11 and but did not. I contacted help and even did a team viewer session and for some reason the program decided to work then. I didn’t understand what change, but was happy though unsettled because I wanted to know how to make it work every time consistently. It then continued to work well for a few days but now the problem is back again not responding and I don’t know what to do?! I need an animation program that will reliably work with a windows 11 PC, my livelihood depends on it and I can’t keep having halts in production like this. What do I do? Its frustrating that I can only get help on weekdays and mostly only by email. I appreciate the help that the technician is trying to give me but I am at my wits end. I need to finish this project I can’t keep asking for extensions. Consider this before you decide to work with this program with newer computers going forward because it is a real risk.

I’ve already uninstalled OneDrive and that has not fixed the problem unfortunately.

I discovered this terrible WIndows 11 problem when I upgraded my workstation and the machine came with Windows 11. Harmony simply will not work, at least not up to version 21.0.1. ToonBoom is frustrating quiet on this topic. I was able to downgrade my machine to Windows 10, but it is a total wipe out install where you start fresh. It works, though. I don’t believe OneDrive is the issue.

Very frustrated.