Harmony doesn't save my custom shortcuts!!!

I’ve owned Harmony for a few months and ever since I got it I’ve been having a problem with the way it works because of the shortcuts. I want to set shortcuts that I’m familiar and comfortable using BUT every time I reopen the software, it forgets the shortcuts I set and I have to go to preferences and put in the keys I want all over again. Every time I start the software… It’s trying my patience and it should not be happening, haha. Here are the shortcuts I’m trying to keep saved:

Next Frame: S
Previous Frame: A
Increase Exposure: R

It remembers all the other shortcuts that I had set for it, but these are the ones it just… forgets, I guess, and they’re very vital to the way I work.
I reinstalled Harmony a while ago and nothing changed. I’m running Harmony 12 on Windows 10 Home Premium. Hope someone can help.

Which specific Harmony shortcuts are you modifying?
When you close and re-open the software to look at the
shortcuts in the preferences - are the changes you made still

When I go back into it, for instance, the previous and next frame commands SAY that they’re A and S like I set them but will not actually WORK until I clear the shortcuts and put them in again. For Increase Exposure, it reverts back to the + as the command even though I keep setting it as R.

What’s the exact version and build number of the software?
What’s the version of the O.S. that you’re running the software on?

Harmony 12 Premium on Windows 10 Home Premium

Make sure that you have the latest service pack of the software installed by
comparing it to what’s available in the “my downloads” section of your
account (which is why I asked for the build number of the software which
you didn’t mention).

If the problem remains, contact Support to have a look on your system.