Harmony doesn't open

this is a bit of an urgent matter. I am using the trial version of harmony premium 21, but it just won’t open. It was fine before, i was editing a file in it and then closed the program, but now when i try to open it, it just doesn’t work. If i try to open the app itself the blue opening window shows up for a second, then the license wizard. I click “continue trial”, it closes, and then nothing happens. If i try to open a file, the harmony window and the license wizard both open but they’re both blank and won’t load. I tried leaving it for 15 minutes but it just kep showing “not responding”, I have tried reparing the installation, uninstalling and installing again, restarting my computer, but nothing works. I have urgent stuff i need to deliver this week but i can’t get it to work properly… really need some light here

Are you on Windows 11? If so contact support, they will help you out.

Chekout my solution here: