Harmony doesn't come with any content? At all?

I’m surprised. Many applications I use comes with sample content, especially animation applications. Examples to study and breakdown as a leaning tool as well as content to get started with out of the gate. Am I just missing it somewhere, or is there truly no content with Harmony Premium at all?

you have all the files in the website

templates, files, rigs, and more


Thanx. A rather disappointing collection for an application that costs so much. Especially Harmony 12 specific files.

I downloaded like 1 or 2GB of files, characters, templates from the website, I think is more than we need :wink: just a quick search here

There exactly 3 things to download for Harmony 12. 1 is an empty node template, 1 is a cutout character described as a game character, and one is a painted or bitmap character. Other resources are for Studio, which may or may not be compatible it Harmony, Animate which again might ot might not be compatible. Compared to the content library of a less expensive application which includes literally hundreds of characters, backgrounds, sets, props, and sounds. Either way, it is what is. I’ll make do…

The particle samples nodes come with a couple of rigs, just add every example one by one and you’ll find some content.

Besides the available templates, in the Webinars section there’s occasionaly sample material available. For instance, on the webinar about cut-out animation there’s a scene with several rigs with different levels of complexity.*

For studying the basics you can also use materials from previous versions of Harmony, and Animate.

Luis Canau

in the last webinar “cut outs” there are a nice file with characters…