Harmony does not remember my export settings and problems with H.264

First issue:
Every time I export, even if I go to export a scene again after just exporting it (haven’t closed harmony or opened a new scene), harmony is incapable of remembering my preferred export settings. This was not the case until a couple months ago.

Second Issue:
Half the time I try to export in H.264 (All is selected for keyframes), it gives me the error: “MediaSettings Error”. Sometimes it’ll do that 4 times in a row and suddenly on the 5th try it allows me to export.

I’m not sure if these things are related or not? Using Harmony 10.3.1 (11317) as required by my workplace. None of my co-workers who are using this version are experiencing this problem and I wasn’t either until this summer. Been using this harmony for years.

I have the same problem.