Harmony:disabling line/overlay/color art


Harmony Stage User guide suggests I can disable the advanced art mode so that I don’t have to be bothered by drawing on the wrong layer (which seems to affect how the Paint tool works … hmm.)

However, that Helpful Hint must be old because the option is nowhere available in the preferences (in fact, it suggests I can access them through ‘Edit.’ :slight_smile:

I’m sure this is no big deal to those who import their artwork, but I draw on the tablet (to screen), so the reliability of the drawing tools and the ability to easily access them is a very big deal to me (and presumably for a few others.)

So. How can I just get one simple layer of drawing working (in camera view)? Thanks so much.

Harmony, so far, is pretty amazing. Thanks for the great deal!!!

I seem to have fixed my problem. (I think.)

But it’s a good lesson. My Animate Pro shortcuts and Harmony shortcuts are very different. (Even different from StoryBoard Pro.)

I inadvertently turned on the ‘Show Strokes’ function.

Now that I’ve turned it off, I can paint in the Camera View, instead of having to switch to drawing.

Is this typical? Is this what ‘show strokes’ does? Affects other tools?

Show Strokes simply shows the outline of the drawing. If you’re working with pencil lines, it will show a blue stroke for the centreline. In the case of a brush line, it will draw a blue line around the outside of the line.

The purpose of Show Strokes is simply to show you where your lines are so that it makes it easier to close gaps for painting. When a line is unconnected to another line, it shows the point as a yellow dot so it makes it easier to see unconnected pencil lines.

Having show strokes on or off should not make a difference as to when you can actually draw in a layer. Either way you should be able to draw in the Camera View and the Drawing View, but you need to make sure that you have a drawing selected. Not just a drawing layer, but you should also actually select the drawing’s exposure in the timeline, and when you do your drawing tools should become active.