Harmony devoures my memory

Hi. As the title says, the memory in my computer seems not to be enough to render. Literally it gets rid of my ram when rendering a 3D scene. The scenario is a fbx object (around 60mb) rendered with OpenGL. I’m having problems rendering with Maya. But I run out of memory trying to render a single scene larger than 300fps wich is ridiculous because I have 32gb of ram and 4gb of video.

What I need to do is render it by sections, and free some memory before attempting to render the rest. If try to render the whole proyect at once, after a while Harmony will stop responding and I’ll get a low memory warning and if I don’t finish the task the whole system will shutdown on its own.

This happens whit other proyects too, with large attached files.

Am I missing something? I have Harmony 12 in OS X 10.11.

The size of the 3D object on disk is not the same as the amount of memory it will use
loaded into Maya and being rendered. Also, be aware that you actually opening two
programs and not just one by rendering through Maya.

That said, it seems very unusual to use up the system’s entire 32GB of RAM when
rendering. If you are in fact creating 300 images for every second, this is ten times
more that what is required (if it’s not a typing error). Alternately if you actually mean
dps, be aware that dps is not actually something that’s used as a measurement
when rendering - we measure the output in pixel by pixel dimensions.

You should contact support to have a look on your system to investigate your projects
in both programs to see where the memory is being claimed and what needs to be done
to correct the problem.

Typing error. I used 24fps as normal. What I meant was: the project is way larger than 300 frames. And when try to render with OpenGL it consumes all the memory, so I had to split the render process in parts, up to 300 frames each.

The first time this happened the project had a bunch of 300dpi scanned images to create a gigantic environment to render a 4K video. I assumed the images were way bigger than needed (many of theme exceeded 100mb).

The second time was with the fbx file. It was big, too, and I need to scale it to make it fit the composition. But as I said, just up to 60mb.

When i disable the fbx it renders flawlessly.